It’s what I needed to hear


Me and this guy got coffee. He dropped out of college when he was twenty, then traveled for a year, then went back to school and graduated top of his class. He got recruited into a special services division of the government, and now he travels the world.

He told me I’m going to leave and everything is going to completely change for me. Time will slow down because of the amazing sights I’m going to see and people I’m going to meet. Everything is going to change completely for me. And then I’m going to come back, feeling like so much has changed.

And nothing will have changed.

My friends’ will be having the same conversations they were having when I left. But I’ll feel different.

And then I got around to a point that had been bugging me. That I knew was dumb. That I’m here working doubles every day trying to make money to travel, and I see my girlfriend at parties and I feel like I’m missing out.

He didn’t even say anything spectacular.

He just goes, “You’re not.”

Nothing huge, nothing massively inspirational, rhetorical, persuasive. Just a knowing shake of the head and, “You’re not.”

He told me he came back from traveling in England, Sweden, and Spain, and went to university near where I live and he would go to parties and think, Really? This is so fucking dumb.

And that’s exactly what I needed to hear. Sure, you could say I’m being spiteful because I’m chilling in my hometown while my friend’s are at university. But honestly… Fuck it.

It’s what I needed to hear.


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