And then tell me a sixty-six percent is a huge deal


I’ve asked for advice from a lot of people over the years. Pretty much every time I have a conniving problem in my head, I ask. Random people. Friends.

When I was having problems with a girl, I asked Liam what I should do.

When I didn’t know what to think about my current girlfriend, I would ask random people at parties.

I’ve had a lot of girl problems.

And most of the time, although the answers would change and shape to the specific problem, there is advice that pops up way more often than anything else.

Relax. Just relax, dude.

That girl you’re thinking about? Not all that important.

That test you failed? Does it really matter? Who’s going to remember?

You’ve got some friends shit-talking behind your back? That’s not your problem. Get some new friends.

We have all these attachments. To a particular girl. To a certain grade. To friends that make you feel bad about yourself.

Chill out about it. Look at the moon one night. Look up at the night sky; have a real, physical representation of how big everything is.

And then tell me that a sixty-six percent on a test is a huge deal.


4 thoughts on “And then tell me a sixty-six percent is a huge deal

  1. This actually got me thinkin: I struggled through some classes when I was in college, but now that I have my degree (which is hanging on my wall in my office at my cushy state job), that’s all that really matters. I don’t remember the poor grades on tests and the stress and panic I felt working on term papers and group projects. Great post!


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