Don’t rely on motivation; rely on discipline

1:00 am

Work a six hour shift.

Get off at the gym. Exercise.

Get home just in time to snag some Italian Wedding Meatball soup before heading to your other job.

Work another six hours.

Get home, write a blog post, meditate, read a little, go to bed, and wake up at seven for a volunteering event for northern bred dogs.

Now, it’s very easy to say; I worked two jobs today, worked out, and all I want to do is sleep. It’s easy to say that.

But do you want to be exceptional?

Did you commit to writing a blog post every day, and meditating every day?

If the answer is yes, do those things. Virtues are not virtues if you only act virtuous when it suites you.

Disciplines are not disciplines if you do not do them whether you want to do them or not.

Everyone relies on the ever so frisky motivation. When I feel like working out, I’ll go to the gym. When I feel like writing, I’ll write.

But your motivation is so easily swayed. Your motivation is fucked if you don’t have time for a meal. Your motivation is fucked if you don’t get enough sleep. Motivation is unreliable. Yet it’s what most people tend to rely on.

Don’t rely on motivation. Rely on discipline.


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