On being your superior self

It takes work, you know.

A humble man didn’t start humble; he worked at it.

A self-assured man didn’t start self-assured; he put himself in uncomfortable situations, then developed trust in himself.

Acting with grace, humility, confidence, or self-effacement, these things are not lofty ideals that are only allowed to the elite.

They can be developed with concerted effort. Decide who you want to be. Get a piece of paper out, and write.

If you ever want to be your superior self, do this. Write exactly what qualities you want to have, how you want to act, and the way you wish to be seen. Write it all down; this step is important.

If you don’t write it down, you don’t have a guide.

Do you want to be well-regarded? Write. Modest? Write that too. Well-respected, clever, humorous, socially graceful, all the best qualities.

Write them all down. And when you’re finished, put the paper away. You won’t really need it anymore; you can hang it on your wall for constant focus, of course, but it’s not necessary.

And then see that character in your mind. See him clearly. How he swaggers; how he walks; how he talks; how at ease he is; how comfortable he makes others feel.

Good. Now you have a goal.

Be him.


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