Self-investment makes it easier to sell yourself

You say you don’t have the money to spend on improving yourself, but then you eat out all the time.

You say you can’t afford books, but if there is a football game, Shit, I can’t be the only one not going. And you buy a ticket.

Self-investment is the best purchase you could make. Books, courses, eBooks, adventures. Anything to grow experience and therefore yourself, is to be done immediately. I recently spent seventy dollars on books after much hemming and hawing.

I will tell you why.

There was an unbearable itch of misery coating my soul when my girlfriend was partying at Maryland and I was working doubles every day, bored out of my mind. An unbearable, seething itch of pain. And I thought to myself, I will do anything to soothe this.

A book called The Upanishads was purchased. Then shortly after, The Bhagavad Gita and The Dhammapada. I devoured these books.

Spiritual, beautiful books. I spent about thirty dollars on books. And from what I read, the knowledge that reading those books brought me; I carried that peace and confidence into a job interview. And they offered me a job where I would make more money than at my current jobs.

I don’t think I would have been offered the job if I didn’t have Indian philosophy swirling through my skull when I went for the interview. It brought me contentment, and thus, a job offering.

So a week ago I bought seventy dollars worth of books. And they just came in.

Self-investment is one of the best things you can purchase for yourself. Not only will self-investment bring you contentment and mastery, but it will return your investment one hundred fold.

So if you are hesitant to purchase books, courses, or whatever for yourself, at least know: self-investment will make you more money over time.



2 thoughts on “Self-investment makes it easier to sell yourself

    1. Dude, rock on! I’m stoked to read it; it’s the geekiest thing but waiting for these books to come in was disproportionately exciting. I’m glad Recession-Proof Graduate has yet another recommender, I’ll get on it. Have a good one!


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