Knowledge, ultimately, is useless

I’m on information overload.

One, I recently finished Seneca the Younger’s Letters from a Stoic. Actionable, useful Stoicist philosophy. Philosophy that goes back to the roots of what philosophy was born to be: actionable wisdom. Not semantic philology.

Then I moved onto a short tome called The Recession-Proof Graduate. 

In The Recession-Proof Graduate — a book recommended by Ryan Holiday and Tim Ferriss — Charlie Hoehn gives an easily followed structure for getting into the career-track you want to be in. It’s clear, and actionable. Perfect.

But his plan to do this hedges on one idea. That you know what field you want to be in.

So I thought to myself. Yeah, I kind of know what I’m interested in. But I have no clue what field I want to break into. What I want to be doing professionally.

That’s one of the reasons I’m traveling. If I travel, I’ll figure it out. Maybe. Hopefully. Probably not.

For everyone, the crux of the matter is, What do I want to do?

It’s funny, but everyone knows that’s the crux upon which everything falls. It’s no big secret. Honestly it’s pretty open. Go anywhere, talk to anyone, you hear people constantly moaning about the present state of things, wishing they could find their passions.

And then nothing changes. They haven’t put in the action to solve the passion problem. You can spin your wheels as fast as you can, but if you don’t know where you’re going or maybe if you’re even headed the wrong direction, that’s going to block everything.

And how many people do you know that never really solve that question.

So I looked up, How do I find the work I love. And I came across this Ted Talk.

It talked about how to find what you like. Whenever you see someone in the paper, or online, or in a movie, and you think, God, I wish I could be like him, take a note of it. Pause the movie. Put down the paper. Write that persons name, and think what it is about him that inspires you.

That makes you burn up inside.

That you love about that person.

Put it in a folder, and then keep doing that.

I’m starting that today. I actually have a few things outside of my general disciplines that I’m looking to accomplish today. But it was so good, so easily actionable that I thought I had to share it.

And one more thing: actually do it.

Something Tony Robbins said sticks in my mind.

Knowledge, ultimately, is useless. For anything to be of use, it has to be put into action.

Put this into action.



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