Finding your Life’s Task is the only subject that matters; everything else is distraction

Your Life’s Task is the pursuit you were born for. Who you are is written in your genetic composition. There is no one like you in the world. There never has been, and there never will be someone like you again.

And it naturally follows that someone will have a unique composition perfectly suited for a precise vocation, a precise calling, in the world.

Why are so many people ignoring this pursuit? Finding your Life’s Task is the only subject that matters in this world.

Everything else is distraction.

But we so wholeheartedly dive into distraction. We watch shows that numb our minds. We surf random, stupid things on websites like Reddit. Those posts will pique your interest while they whittle away your time.

We spend so much time doing things we don’t want to do. Working jobs, going to college, meeting up with people we don’t like to talk about the jobs we’re dissatisfied with. Not dissatisfied enough to quit, but just dissatisfied enough to complain.

And somewhere along the way we forgot why we do these things; to be fulfilled and happy. Everything should revolve around fulfillment and happiness. Be unconcerned with what other people are doing, or saying. Be unconcerned with what people think you should do.

Take baby steps back to searching for truth in your life. Building your skills by travel, reading, writing, and meditating. Quieting your mind so you can listen to what your soul wants to tell you.

If you’re interested in reading a book to get back on the right track, I recommend Mastery by Robert Greene.

If you don’t want to spend money on buying a book, then there’s something you can do right now to bring yourself closer to your Life’s Task.

Say no to doing things one day. For an entire day. Spend the entire day by yourself. No distractions allowed. No Netflix. No girlfriend. No friends, turn your cell phone on airplane mode, no distractions.

Read. Write. Meditate. Walk to the park without earbuds in. Sit, and think.

Don’t expect magical results. You’ve been numbing the sensitivity to your soul’s words for years.

But maybe by listening to your mind and body for a day there will be a slight change. You might read more. You might notice a slight dissatisfaction in your life you were smothering. You might try to meditate.

Try, and listen to what you’ve been smothering for years.

Take out all the distraction, and listen to what the quiet in your mind can tell you.


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