Challenge yourself to do

Don’t say, We should hang out more.

Don’t say, Yeah, I’ve actually found time to work out even though I’m working doubles every day.

Don’t say.

Talk is so, so easy to do. I can say that I’m going sky diving next week. I can say I want to be a master fisherman and I’m going out with my friend every day for the next few weeks to do so.

I can say, I can say, I can say.

Don’t say.

You’re going to want to, but resist. Because it’s not true unless it’s actually done. And when it’s actually done, you don’t need to brag about it. It simply is.

Don’t say, I’m making an effort to be more kind. To not respond in anger.

Act that way. If you’re truly kind, you don’t have to say so.

Open your mouth, and words will come out. Very easily. Challenge yourself to do.


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