Write who you want to be

I’ve got something for you that’s quite fun. I do it maybe every six months. Every time I feel I’ve lost direction, purpose, guidance.

Write who you want to be. 

Get out two or three sheets of paper. Write: all the beautiful character traits. All the adventures you want to partake in. The experiences you want to have.

You want to be sincere, devil may care, self-assured, travel-worn. You want to dive off cliffs in Valencia, and snorkel with whale sharks in Thailand.

You want to be awake for sunrise with the beautiful girl you’ve just met, and then both of you leave the very next morning, not a backwards glance on either part. Sometimes regret needs to happen.

You want to trek alone through blustery, mountainous altitudes while looking at vistas that make you ponder. Vistas where your friends go, Dude, have you seen how sick this place is? Some guy in Peru went hiking there for ten days.

And you go, That’s my picture.

How can you know where you’re going if you don’t have a snapshot to look towards?

It’s an informal bucket list. I want to have these experiences, I want to be that kind of person. Choose; what do you want your life to be.

Writing these things are actually more fun than they should be.

And then when I have nothing left to write, I read it over. Not in depth. The exercise is mostly getting it on paper, not reading what you’ve written.

And then I look up, grin a tad. Just enough of a smile.

And then you make it happen.


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