Everything else is illusion, fantasy, distraction

A lot of people get stuck at the starting line of life trying to figure out what their passion is. My advice: it’s not an intellectual decision. It’s an experiential process. Choose something you like – anything – and set a goal. Start moving and you are guaranteed to go somewhere. Stay stuck in deliberation and inaction, and you’ll go nowhere.

Neil Strauss

Just act. And you’re bound to go somewhere. Not a miserly recommendation coming from a New York Times Bestselling Author.

Too often the thought process is, you want to do something; what are the best guides online for doing it? What are the best schools? What documentaries are ther—

White noise.

You don’t even know if you like, say, writing until you’ve written for a few months. You could write for three weeks, and go, Hey, my skull pounds staring at color code #ffffff. I can’t take it anymore.

— Color code #ffffff is white, a blank screen —

You want to find out what books are the best for it, you want to look at subreddits for advice, you watch videos on it. Anything to stop you from taking the first step.

Actually doing what we have our minds swirling on. That’s the rough bit. It’s the step we so often avoid because it’s the most painful. The fact that you’re probably really, really bad at the thing you’re about to attempt. That hurts.

But the only way to get better is to suck. To invest in loss, and work with people smarter, better, and more technically sound than you.


That first step — to begin. That’s when you start to figure things out.

Everything else is illusion, fantasy, distraction.


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