A touch of enlightenment

Here is why you should read The Power of Now. 

This passage is from my own personal journal. Readings from The Power of Now helped to induce this state.

28 October 2016


mood: present

         The Power of Now… Life-changing. I read the book a little in the morning, then went to meditate before work — practicing what I’d read. Dis-identification with the mind and full awareness in the Observer of the Mind. And then towards the end of my meditation, something… Happened.

         Thoughts stopped encroaching so there was no need to label them and allow them to move on. There was no thought – just consciousness. It felt like my mind was being enveloped by a  spacious void — but it was a void of light. My ego was falling or fell away into this void of just consciousness. It was me, but bigger than me. My breath started to quicken and my heart began pounding — I think it was my ego’s “Oh-shit” response as it dissolved in the light.

          And I felt myself unsure, and… It was a… It was joyous and a light space but I felt my mind, my ego pull back to the safety of thought. It was because as it was enveloped by this light I felt my ego start to disappear, and the thought in my mind became, But if there is no, “I,” then what am I? So as much I wanted to dive deeply into joyous oblivion, my ego saved itself. It was dying. And as I still identify with my ego, that meant I was dying too. So I unconsciously pulled back . Holy shit. I think I may have just touched the first step of enlightenment. And a joyous, wholly present, serene state has followed me ever since nine am this morning. It’s diminished. But… Wow.

That’s an unedited script from my journal a few hours after my meditation. I tried to regain that state with an evening meditation and couldn’t.

If anyone knows what to make of that, let me know.


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