Write, so that your work takes the shape of your heart


So, I was under the impression that if I showed up every day I would simply get better at writing.

Multiply number of blog posts by total likes and comments and boom; you have your writing ability. I’m not sure if that formula makes sense. Just roll with it.

But the law of showing up is half-true. Showing up is half the battle and if you write, you will get better. Sure.

But to imbue your writing with soul. With self. With what makes you who you are. That requires something else. It’s not a huge leap. It’s something we all should be doing anyway in writing.

It’s something we should be doing in life.

We should be present for the actual writing.

The tendency to disconnect and just “crank something out” is nigh on irresistable if you’re tired. I get that. I really do. I work two jobs and sometimes the last thing I want is to write something with soul.

But if you’re not giving your writing full awareness. If you don’t feel your body as you sit and write. If the center of your chest doesn’t feel like a portal that’s pouring an endless supply of you into those words that are being typed. If you’re not completely present while working you’re selling yourself and your audience short.

And that’s why writing is also life practice. For being present in each moment and imbuing it with connection to your soul.

That’s why I write I guess. Because when I write, and I write from my heart — it’s almost like my soul took on a shape that I can read. And I get to share it with others.


Also, a small PSA — I’m not checking notifications for my blog posts for the next week; until next Wednesday. It’s a little experiment to counteract my love of public approval. So if any comments were asked yesterday, or are asked in the next week, I apologize but I won’t be getting back to them until next Wednesday. Or if I decide to keep it going, then never. 



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