Starting full-strength after a break is kicking yourself in the testicles

So you didn’t work out today, huh. And you didn’t write, or read, or meditate, either.

And it was fan-freaking-tastic. Glorious, even. The rest. So beautifully and indulgently taken. You went to bed and realized, I’m going to sleep for at least eight hours, it’s going to be exceptional.

And then the next day comes and hey, it’s time to wake up, read, meditate, write, and then blog. But that sounds really, really exhausting. After a day of not doing those things. Meditate for fifteen minutes? And not go out of my freaking mind? That’s a big ask, dude.

Write in your journal? Fuck. That’s at least twenty minutes.

Create a blog post? Like, for actual people?

And that’s when the bed starts feeling real warm, again.

But there’s another way you could do it. Commence the theory of baby-steps, my children.

If you haven’t done anything for a whole weekend, you’d probably rather shoot yourself in the foot with a Luger and then dive head first into a chlorinated pool of piranhas and peel your eyes open than do any of your disciplines full-strength.

So, don’t. Work yourself back up to it, man. Who are you holding yourself accountable to? Trying to start out full-length is the perfect way to maybe get through one day, and then crash on day two.

Instead, use the short break you had from your disciplines to re-energize yourself. Remind yourself why you started doing things like meditating. Why you started writing.

Instead of fifteen minutes of meditation, meditate for ten. Or five. Hell, the only person who’s watching is you. Do enough to feel good about it, but not so little you feel like a little bitch.

If you’re meditating or writing at all, you’re ahead of most of the population. So at that point, the only person you’re fighting is yourself.

Don’t fight yourself. Enjoy your practices like they’re meant to be enjoyed.



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