On creating worlds

Stephen King writes mostly fiction. He wrote a few non-fiction works; one of which was On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft.

I recently happened to pick up said tome, and golly gee was it a joy to read. For a book on writing it was so enjoyable as to be almost stupid. I read one of the classics — On Writing Well by William Zinsser — when I first started this blog. It wasn’t a bad book, mind, but it definitely wasn’t a book that pulled you into a riptide of inquisitiveness.

Stephen King creates worlds. That’s his bread and butter. And it’s something I’m trying. Creative writing. I’ve done blog writing for around six months. And I’m going to keep at it — persistence is good, kids. But I want to try what I did as a young’un; I want to try to make worlds up in my mind, put them on a page, and figure out what happens.

It’s a sideways step in writing. Trying something new. Maybe in the coming weeks, I’ll be posting some of the stories on here. Maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll move onto crocheting sweaters in a week and a half. I don’t know, but it’s going to be sweet.

If anyone else does creative writing, I’d love to check out some of their work.

But also — whatever you do, keep it fun.

That’s the key.


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