You should start burning wood

You should totally have more fires.

Grab some bud, a couple of brews, and invite a few friends over. Someone asks you what you did last night. I tamed nature with lighter fluid, you calmly reply. Disclaimer; don’t use lighter fluid; or do, actually, I’m just some random guy on the internet, and lighter fluid is awesome.

There’s nothing better than staring philosophically into seductively dancing flames as you contemplate the meaning of the universe.

And you smell like bonfire. The smell of bonfire is right up there with musk and Patchouli with Tobacco in top manly scents.

Image result for bonfire candle

Boom. Check and mate.

So, how do we get this fire started for them beginner’s out there, hmm? For the enterprising young arsonist, we here at the Alessandro Trapasso blog recommend a patented three step process.

  1. Get some small, highly flammable material like twigs, leaves, and newspaper. Make it into a small ball that will catch fire and generate a moderate amount of heat.

Bonus! Did you know that if you save your dryer lint and stuff it into the cardboard roll from an empty toilet paper roll that it makes a perfect starter log? 

      2. Get some larger sticks, like small branches, and throw that shit on top of the highly            flammable starter material to create a small pyre.

3. Throw some logs and heavier wood on there to get a long-burner going and voila!                 You have a delectable fire that you can sit around for hours and enjoy with all your               friends.

It’s so easy a dumb-shit could do it.



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