Do you want the discipline to craft an incredible life?

Do you want the discipline to craft an incredible life?

Most people daydream of effortlessly carving on an eight foot wave, controlling a soccer ball anywhere on your body as if it’s an extension of yourself, contorting into sublime yogic positions, or scaling a challenging crag with only mild difficulty. A lot of people would love to tastefully produce a beautiful sketch, bluff a friend at poker, or craft a stunning display of food.

But more often than not, people will attempt to learn a new skill for maybe a week. Then they’ll quickly get frustrated, and stop.

How do you create a platform that elevates you above the undisciplined majority of people?

You build a foundation.

Before, wherein my life was a chaotic sprawl of desired skills, and I yearned for inner stillness, building a foundation first provides a framework to grow from.

So, my essentials are thus; every morning I wake early enough — I try to, typically nowadays I’ll do my essentials while I’m at work — to read for at least fifteen minutes.

Next up, meditate. I meditate for sixteen minutes in the morning. One minute for settling, the next fifteen for actual meditation. I’m at peace for at least the next hour after I meditate, and sometimes the whole day. It’s a reminder of the stillness that exists when you don’t identify with the mind.

Then I write one journal page, more if I wish. At least one is required. I used to do three pages every morning, but it became such a hassle that I shifted to one required page a morning and I love it. I can always write more if there’s something troubling my mind.

After that, I write a blog post. This is negotiable, however. Not negotiable for me, but for you. I write a blog post every day because I enjoy writing. If it’s more your fancy to be a photographer, film-maker, surfer, then create your persona around that. But have it be incorporated into your life every day.

Then I try to do one physical activity a day. For me, my go to is the gym if I’m not doing anything else like rock-climbing or playing soccer. This is an important mood booster, and I feel revitalized every time I work out in some form. Anything that will get your heart-racing for half an hour a day.

If you implement these disciplines into your life not only will you feel better every day, but you’ll also be developing the willpower to learn new skills that start quite difficult.

And then, there’re the add-ons. The exciting additional skills. The hobby that’s purely recreational. .

From this essentials with one add-on perspective, you have the bedrock for a fulfilling day, and the opportunity for new growth in whatever field you deem worthy.

And there it is — a framework for living excitedly.

Go ahead, fuck shit up. It’s encouraged.


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