On gratitude

For a daily writing blog, I’ve been slacking a tad.

When I’ve sat down to write lately, I’ve been dreading it. Procrastinating. Feeling like I’m trying to pluck an idea out of thin air.

So — since it’s approximately 12:12am, I want this to be a short post of gratitude. For two people; one whom I rarely speak to, and the other whom I enjoy talking with every hour of every day.

We’ll begin with the one I rarely speak with. There’s this dude. He’s a runner dude. We were never too close in high school, but every time we had class together we would crack jokes and laugh our asses off the entire time. He was the kind of guy you always love seeing but never make plans to hang out with.

He texted me out of the blue about half an hour ago, saying he came upon my blog via my Instagram, and he wanted to say how he enjoyed it.

I told my girlfriend about it. She told me the exact same thing; and how she was sad I hadn’t written for a few days. How every time a new post comes out, it’s like a little present for her. Shit. I’m not sure why, but those two comments were really, really nice to hear.

They’re actually why there’s a post tonight. I was going to shower and head to bed without writing before he texted me. Before my girlfriend talked to me. And for those two people, I want to express my gratitude.


To my beautiful girlfriend, to my favorite runner dude, and to my audience on here who’ve never met me, yet read my work anyway. Thank you so much, you fine, fine, people.

I’ll see you tomorrow.


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