Every emotion has a reason for being

Imagine you feel bored.

In our culture, we demand entertainment. With increasing levels of excitement and novelty, it’s so easy to be bored. And when you get bored, what happens? You search for more novelty.

But what do you think your mind and body is telling you when you feel a certain way?

When you feel bored, maybe your mind needs rest from so much novelty. So much excitement. It needs to chill the fuck out.

When you’re feeling sleepy, even if you’ve slept for twelve hours, maybe you’ve been doing a lot of arduous things and your body needs even more sleep. Don’t just think it’s annoying how you’re still sleepy. You probably need rest. Don’t think it sucks that you’re bored — you probably need to chill out a little.

Every emotion has a reason for coming into being: listen, and you might hear it.


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