I think this piece is beautiful, so please read it

Should you write a blog post knowing you won’t put out your best work?

You should, because even if you feel like your heart isn’t in it, and the words flow like lead, the work might turn out well. It might be useful. Because there is quality in perseverance. There is beauty in it. But you shouldn’t because that work will drain you. And every day you work you become a little more tired of writing.

My process flows something like I become thrilled for writing. To create a beautiful piece. And then I sit down to write, see the blank screen, realize I don’t know what I’m going to write about, and quickly I dread. So I pick a question in my mind that seems to need answering and write one hundred words, two hundred words and I don’t know what to write anymore. I am empty. Clawing for a literary breath. But I tell myself, Write to five hundred words.

So I tangent slightly from my original idea and then usually I arrive at the thought I wanted to arrive at.

I adore creating pieces and becoming a better writer. But there is a mental drudgery to trek through before we get to the point where it’s enjoyable to write. And I think the important word here is, why? 

Why are you writing, my friend? Ask yourself this deeply and really listen. Are you writing for the fans’ approval? Or are you writing because sometimes, sitting down with coffee and the sound of rain and looking to create from empty space is beautiful?

If you write for the clacking of tongues, you will push through the drudgery. And you will have many days like that. And you will take yourself very seriously and think this is what you have to do to get there.

But if you live life for yourself — and make no mistake, you write how you live — it’s okay to play with your girlfriend instead of write.

It’s okay to be with the sunset instead of your laptop. Because it’s not as important as you think it is. I think what it comes down is recognizing why writing is important. It’s important because there’s this feeling when you make something beautiful, and you believe it’s beautiful, and some other people seem to think it’s beautiful too.

I should probably not write some days, and let my creative self rest in stillness. Look at trees and read for the whole day. See my friends. Smoke by a fire, drink a few beers, and pass out, ready to fish the next morning. That is life. And you should write about that. And put your soul into it.

Please don’t forget why you do the things you do.


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