In the face of sadness, know

There is this state out there.

There is this state of complete peace and joy. Of seeing reality for what it is.

It is a place — and as you read this, know, words cannot convey this state as it is of the unknown — where you see the high’s and low’s of life from the completely still depths of the blue ocean of self.

I do not know this place. Maybe I’ve glimpsed it; I’m sure we all have. But it is somewhere that comes from complete calm even in the face of a maelstrom above. It is because it is real. We see this fluctuating and flittering external world dance all around us and we weep when we’re supposed to, and laugh when we’re supposed to.

Completely at the whim of what fate throws us.

There is too much mention of a beautiful state of existence untroubled by external woes for it to not exist. It is seen in every culture; the Hindu’s have spoken of it, the Buddhist’s, the Christian’s, from pole to pole and hemisphere to hemisphere it is recognized: such a state exists.

And yet, it can’t be spoken of because it is beyond words. It is the unknown, and to make the unknown known to us is impossible, so we have approximations, we throw descriptive words and we think they define this depthless, timeless, eternal state. They do not.

How do we get there? Fuck if I know. I’ll write a post if I ever found out.

But I’m looking, so don’t worry.


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