Dread marks the task’s importance


The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way. 

Marcus Aurelius

I’m leaving for Germany next Thursday, and before then I want to set up an official website without a .wordpress extension. And I could not figure out how to set up my new website for the life of me.  I also didn’t see the clearly labeled Getting Started tab.

So, according to my natural inclination when faced with a problem, I ditched it for a few days. It was something that needed to be set up, I knew that. It was the problem you keep putting off, yet stays rooted to the back of your mind.

And these problems impede our further action because invariably, what we most don’t want to do is what we most need to do. It’s kind of along the lines of how fear can lead you to greatness. The thing we perceive as bad is really the thing that propels us forward.

But I tackled what I hope was most of it last night after a lengthy conversation with my boy Amruth H, from Bluehost technical support. And now, the next day, I’m looking at the problem and thinking, It was mentally weighing on me. It was impeding things I want to do, like take an online class about blogging via CreativeLive. I wasn’t doing the online class because in my mind I thought, why would I work on making my blog better if I’m just about to move to a new website?

I’m not putting myself on a pedestal; I’m saying here is where I failed even though I knew what I was doing, even though I know quotes like the one listed above. Knowledge is nothing without action.

Whatever you’re most dreading right now, make no mistake: it is the progress you need to make.


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