If the universal order demands it

I am saving money for travel — I want to go to southeast Asia in December. For eight months to a year. To that end, I’ve been working and scouting out side-businesses: carpentry, landscaping, being a general handyman.

Opportunities for work seemingly pop up everywhere I’m looking.

So I talked to some neighbors of mine and they need their entire house weeded, mulched, and made, shall we say, positively b-a-utiful. This weekend, the weekend of May sixth, was the designated work weekend. Except it had rained every day for the past eight days. And then Saturday, the sun broke out. Just for me and my friend to work. And Mother’s Day too was beautiful. Warm weather broke just as we started our toil.

Which bring me to my point: if the universal order demands it, you will be thrust into it.

If making your way to southeast Asia is meant to happen, opportunities will spring everywhere. Opportunities, mind you, and not actual events. If you want something to happen you must make it happen. Do not mistake me: hard work is required to reach goals. But if it is how it is meant to be, little drops of coincidence sprinkle your trudge.

The sunlight that breaks just in time for work.

The sudden work that comes when you’re hopelessly looking for it.

If it is meant to happen it will. You just have to seize the threads of the universe when they are given and start weaving.


Secrets are a buffer to intimacy

“Secrets are a buffer to intimacy.”

– Caroline Paul

Obviously, that’s not her idea. It’s not an original idea and yet we all need reminders.

We need reminders that being open with people carries fear and that because of that fear we should do it anyway.

Being open with people is what draws people to you.

“And it’s just so endearing when someone bears their flaws and the truth is, our flaws are usually fine, our flaws are what makes us loveable.”

That’s Caroline Paul again. We forget often that acting differently around people, acting like someone other than yourself draws on you. It ends up being a barrier between you and the people you try to connect with.

So be open — completely open.

“It’s better to be alone than in bad company.”

– George Washington

The people who care don’t matter and the people who matter don’t care. That one’s Dr. Seuss.

January 4, 2016


This just came as a side thought while I was journaling. I’ve got a rain sounds app on my cell phone that I fall asleep to every night if I┬áthink about it. I love it, it’s peaceful and freaking awesome. I’m listening to it write now as I type and it just helps give off a nice ambiance. Would recommend anyone to get a rain sounds app and try it out. Thank me later.